Orange Blossom

Since I became a member of NAHU and involved with our local chapter in 2008, there have been great challenges and changes for our industry and my fellow colleagues.  Having the opportunity to serve as President of EWAHU since 2020 term is a great privilege.  I am excited and honored to work with my industry colleagues who are passionate about their careers and serving their clients through these challenging times.  More than ever, I feel that we need to join together to encourage one another; work to educate our community as to the importance of working relationships with agents and brokers; and to create a stronger presence and relationship with our legislators on the State and Federal level.  As we navigate the many twists and turns that we will be faced with, I hope that EWAHU can be recognized as a local leading organization for our industry. And, by doing so, we can help develop a stronger connection amongst one another and a guiding voice as laws are implemented that affect each of us, as well as our clients.


Oftentimes, I have heard individuals say that they cannot afford the dues, or they are not going to be involved because their company is not going to cover their dues. The monthly investment in your career and education is less than $40.00!  As a member of NAHU, you not only have the strength of our national organization, you also have support of WAHU, our State chapter, as well as our local chapter, EWAHU.  But more than that, you have the ability to meet and learn from insurance advocates across the Country.  My goal is to encourage individuals from all areas of our industry to become members of NAHU.  If you play a role in the insurance market…then you need to be a part of NAHU/WAHU/EWAHU!  Our voices are stronger when we join as one voice.  WE NEED TO JOIN TOGETHER!  Our future careers and livelihood depend on it!

I look forward to serving you,


Julie Shepard-Hall