Our Lobbyist

Mel Sorensen is our lobbyist representing the insurance industry in Olympia, Washington.


Melvin N. Sorensen, is a principal at Carney, Bradley, Spellman and has more than thirty years of experience representing insurers, health care interests and other regulated industries before the Washington State legislature and various state agencies. Mr. Sorensen's government relations practice emphasizes legislative and regulatory representation, including matters before the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner.


Each year representatives from EWAHU attend Day on the Hill to meet with our local legislators.  

It takes more than good ideas and hard work to be elected to office.

IT TAKES $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

HIAPAC contributes to only Washington State candidates for election to Statewide or Washington State Legislative races (not to Federal or US Congressional races).

HIAPAC contributes to candidates that understand our collective issues & causes as Brokers, Agents and Carrier Representatives regardless of which political party candidates belong to.


In WA we have a General Election every 4 years. In 2016 running for office;

  • Statewide Offices are Governor, LT Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Auditor, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Public Lands Commissioner and Insurance Commissioner.

  • There are also 49 Legislative Districts spread throughout WA State. There are 2 Representatives from each District and 1 Senator making up the WA State House and WA State Senate respectively.

  • All 98 House seats are up for election in 2016. All House seats are up for election every 2 years so there will be another election for all House of Representative seats in 2018.

  • Senate seats are up for election every 4 years so 1/2 of the Senate seats will be up in 2016. Another 1/2 of Senate seats will be up for election in 2018.

  • From a source called “Follow the Money” it cost an average of $84,475 in 2010 to run for a seat in the WA House of Representatives.


From the same source it cost an average of $157,694 in 2010 to run for a seat in the WA Senate.


In 2012 the WA Public Disclosure Commission shows that the largest Political Action Committee was the WA Education Association contributing $2,487,373 to statewide races. The next closest were the Attorneys PAC at $1,099,253 and the Public Service Employees Union at $1,091,729.


In 2012 HIAPAC contributed $16,250 to statewide races.


Of the top 15 Political Action Committee spenders in 2012, Five of them were Union PACS (mostly teachers, State employees and labor unions) where the members have no say in whether they contribute!  – PAC “donations” are automatically taken from their paychecks.


We ask that you voluntarily give to your State Political Action Committee so our collective voice can be heard!

Washington Health Insurance Agents Political Action Committee (HIAPAC)